The Wounded Mosquito
by Joshua Alan Terry
Here is the body of my column work so far. The first groups are from the "Men on the Moon" columns I wrote with Spencer Wixom in 2000-01, then myself in 2002. These were originally published in The Century, a news-zine for the Salt Lake LDS Institute of Religion.

All Baboon Shavin' Tunes columns were written solo. My initial BST run lasted from August of 2002 until April of 2004. These columns were published in the Utah Statesman. Since graduation, all BST columns have been self-published exclusively on

Confessions of a Long-Time Jazz Fan (4/19/06)
March Apathy (3/25/06)
Mad Max: Beyond Trade-In (1/24/06)
Shock and Y-A-W-N (11/3/05)
Faces of Death! (10/24/05)
Traffic Court Memories (9/19/05)
Embracing the Inner Ute (9/14/05)
Wingin' That Mother (8/30/05)
Fiker or Biker? (8/15/05)
The Heroes of Heber City (8/1/05)
100 Floats, a Microphone, and a Dream (7/26/05)
A New Voice for Reality Politics! (7/18/05)
The Official Terry Entourage: Now Hiring! (7/5/05)
The Monks of Centerville Junior High (6/28/05)
New Merit Badges Rock BSA Faithful! (6/21/05)
So You Wanna Be A Movie Extra... (6/9/05)
Viva Blues Brothers! (part 1) (5/17/05)
Viva Blues Brothers! (part 2) (5/24/05)
Saving Mr. Salty! (4/18/05)
Superman II: Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time! (4/05)
Toasted By the Toastmasters! (10/04)

Men on the Moon: 2000-01
The Lagoon Syndrome
My dinner with Ron
December 2000
All Holidays Being Equal

Century Opinion Columns: 2002
A Proposition for Chivalry
The Emperor and I

Baboon Shavin' Tunes: 2002-03
A New Course Syllabus
A Brief History of My Apartment
Word from the Mailbag
Making the Case for TV
Introducing Superwayne
A Letter From the Doctor
Reflections from a first-year Aggie
Henry Ford's Highway to Heaven
The Redemption of Neil Diamond
Wednesday Morning, 4am
Nostradamus Can Eat My Shorts
New campaign--12-story parking on the quad
What would you risk for furry bikini briefs?
Doctor Love takes on socialism, journalism
A Few Thoughts on Shameless Self-Promotion

Baboon Shavin' Tunes: 2003-04
Meet the Beefalo, or, How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Baboon Shaviną Tunes: Brought to You by PETA
Curbing the Ballooning Bovine Population
A Bonanza of Options for Budding Baldies
Unmasking the Hollywood Mortality Conspiracy
Do You Like Sugar? One Lump or Two?
Zen and the Art of Reception Crashing
Beneath the Planet of the Mecha-Apes
In Search of Cache Valley Cuisine
Saving the World One Gas Station at a Time
Unlocking the Hidden Power of the Dryer Sheet
Hot Tubbing at the TSC, and Other Reasonable Demands
Bikini Briefs, Ferrari's, and Little Black Books
Dating 1010: Theory and Methodology of Car Doors and Sweet Nothings
Coping with Roommate Mortality
Jumping on the Bush/Foghorn Leghorn Bandwagon
Exploding Sperm Whales, Pre-Mid-Life Crisis, and the Unethical Worship of George Takei
Bravely Facing the Bearded Baby Phenomenon
Why Not to Store Live Ammunition in Your Oven
Coming Soon: Julia Roberts in "The Man from Atlantis and His Hog Inventory"
The Pedagogical Philosophy of a Graduate Instructor
Missing the Mark in Colorado Springs
Public Beefalo Sale Coming in April!
A Helpful Guide to Reading Baboon Shaviną Tunes
Low Carb Columns Score Big with Health-Conscious Readers
The Official 2004 BST Commencement Speech

Smooth Jerky

The Wounded Mosquito

Planet Venison

Graduate Thesis

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