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My Ward (University 32nd) runs a periodic photo list of its members for the Ward Council to use to get to know people in the Ward better. Of course, it gets used for dating purposes as well, hence it's slang title, the Ward "Menu".

Anyway, I saw a great opportunity for a running gag. Hence, with the help and co-conspiracy of my good friend Jared Adams, here are a few of the photo-aliases I have been listed as through the last few years.

A lovely shot of me and former President Ronald Reagan.

Here I am impersonating Simpson's icon Ralph Wiggum. "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

A mug shot of Bill Gates. The creepy thing about this one is that if I had hair, this wouldn't be too far off.

None other than the great James Brown. Luckily he got out before I saw him at the House of Blues in Vegas.

This one only ran briefly, but I think everyone needs to have a mullet at some point in their lifetime.

A true triumph. This is my Bishop's high school photo.

Well, once you've used your Bishop's high school photo, you can't just put up another celebrity mug shot. The next natural step is to inatimate objects.

An inatimate object might work once, but not twice. The next step is a nod to Prince, who went from man to inatimate object(?) to concept.

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