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My second season of UofU Tailgating is underway. As usual, I'm the bald guy in the middle.
This was the 3rd down play in the first half against USU right before we missed the field goal. Luckily we managed to go on and win 31-7.
Here I smile as I enjoy my head's new aerodynamic potential.
Site of a thousand photos. Me, Bev, and Jonathan in front of Lower Falls in Yellowstone, back in August.
After going to Yellowstone for over 25 years, it's nice to find something new to do. Jonathan told us about the trail to Fairy Falls.
This was taken at some geyser near Fairy Falls. Apologies to those wishing I had fallen in.
Here's me and a few friends at the 35th Annual Wasatch County Demolition Derby.
It looks like an image from the brand-new "groin cam", but it's really a shot of the wood at the Wasatch County Fairgrounds in Heber City. Between the collisions of the derby and the aging bleachers, I'm surprised anyone made it out alive.
Three hours of Mad Max cars smashing each other around. All for eight dollars. Viva America.
The obvious highlight of the evening, despite the apologetic PA announcer, was when local legend Brandon Rose got his car rolled.
The Tony Danza Experience made its triumphant debut July 25th at, where else? The 32nd Ward FHE Freak Show.
Another fabulous in action shot of the TDE. I'd never played in a band with a saxophone before. A true honor.
Here's a tight shot of the TDE rhythm section: Manny Slack on barefoot bass, me on drums.
My sister Katie also participated in the freak show, here impersonating a BYU fan.
Her number was actually "Worlds Apart", from Big River. Her partner in crime is Mike "Roner" Roner.
On Friday July 22nd I took to my PA post with old buddy Vaughn Kinghorn at my side as my official spotter/color man. A full account of the Bountiful Days of 47 Parade debauchery can be read here.
I found this the other day at Albertson's. What's interesting is that this seems to be an action shot of Moses preparing to smash the Ten Commandments. Spiritually inspiring? Not really. Quirky and odd? Yep. There's gotta be a way to work this into a Sunday School lesson.
Josh Chiles (ward buddy) recently played host to ten yellow lab puppies, so my sister Katie and I brought Otto by to meet them.
Otto didn't seem too thilled to see any of his distant relatives, especially when they took to pulling on his leash.
This is my buddy Jared and I waiting for our big moment as extras on the "Church Ball" movie set, which also happened to be the gym I played ball for the 32nd Ward in a few years ago.
I got a little irritated sitting around during the shoot, so I wandered around and found this in the men's bathroom. I'm sure the Sierra Club would be enraged.
Six hours of sitting around bored and cheering for a non-existent basketball game paid off when I got to meet SCTV-Alumnus Fred Willard, who plays the Bishop of the underdog Mud Lake squad. Read the whole article here.
In a recent Sunday School lesson, I put together a brief role play to illustrate good and bad ways for spouses to show mutual support. I decided to use the traditional one-pound bag of sugar to represent their newborn child, "Sugar". Of course, I didn't tell them beforehand that Sugar would have a face.
This pretty little group shot was taken somewhere within twenty miles of Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Only half a dozen of this fine group, assembled under the visionary leadership of Chad Cox, actually made it to the falls. The rest were eaten by Rocky Anderson supporters.
Tense moments before the 32nd Ward Halloween Party. On the left we have Jared Adams, transformed for the evening into "Uncle Rico" of "Napoleon Dynamite" fame. At the party he would be joined by an eerily accurate portrayal of "Kip Dynamite" by Matt Chidester. On the right we have me, pretty much just taking advantage of another excuse to wear my fringe jacket.
A grainy shot of my buddy Vaughn proposing to his fiancee/wife Christie in a movie theater. If you look to the upper right, you will notice a thin stream of smoke rising from the grassy knoll.
My Dad's side of the family. My Uncle Jay, in the red shirt, volunteered to be the obligatory "guy with eyes closed".
Besides being a moderately interesting photo of my shadow, what interests me is that my shadow is placed on a rock at the top of the mountain my Grandparent's cabin sits on.
Several points of interest in this photo, taken during a swamp boat tour down in New Orleans last summer. The man behind me is the dead-on long lost twin to David Christensen, longtime instructor at the Salt Lake Institute of Religion. Well, the tatooed cajun version, anyway. I would also like to point out the foresight of my deciding to wear such a strategic shirt for the occasion, as the green perfectly blends with the bayou country foliage we are travelling through.
Oh yes, I am also holding a live alligator with a rubber band around its mouth.
My time in New Orleans came thanks to my Dad, seen here basking in the setting rays coming off Lake Ponchatrain, where we enjoyed the last of many authentic seafood meals at Jaeger's Seafood and Beer Garden.
Last summer I cast aside my advanced degree status to learn the framing trade. This is Arash, a fellow rookie, who used to sing to me while we labored away on a 1.5 million dollar monument to pride and inefficiency up in the Eaglewood area.
Speak of the Devil. Here, the frame of the house itself.
Here's me and my roommate Patrick posing with Jane Clayson and the USU President, Kermit Hall. What could have been a brilliant commemorative photo is ruined because I couldn't figure out how to get my stupid hood thing on straight.
Graduation from USU. Behind me is my folklore professor, Steve Siporin. All around me: countless adoring fans.
Here are the brethren, past and, well, past. All in full cowboy regalia.
Highlights from the 3rd Annual Brethren Cowboy Date, April 2005.
This priceless moment came in midst of last year's Spring Break Graduate Thesis marathon, which saw me spend ten hours a day from Tuesday to Saturday laboring on a really weird web site. This photo was taken as I tried to generate an image for the DJ character that acted as narrator for my opus.
A striking Logan sunset, as viewed through power lines from the vacant lot behind my 10th north house.
While I was working on year #2 at USU, Katie was doing a study abroad in New Zealand. Here she is at the Hobbiton set.
It took me seventeen years to finally see a Raiders game, and I pick the one where they get crushed by the Broncos on a Monday night in Mile High Stadium.
Never would have predicted this a few years back. Me, my "Brethren" roommates, and none other than local legend Peter Breinholt.
The ex-Diamond Dazzlers play to an enthusiastic crowd at Earth Day in April of 2003. Coca-Cola paid us $50,000 to place their cup in this press photo.
I assembled this band, tentatively called Lionel Ritchie, to perform at my sister's fund raiser for her New Zealand study abroad. The foreground guitarist is Brett Rogers, one of the students from my first semester of teaching.
Somehow a cosmic string of events landed me on the drum chair for Dreamy Phil and the Diamond Dazzlers. Here we are performing our Neil Diamond repertoire at the USU Valentines Dance.
During Christmas break of 02, Katie and I took some photos out at the Farmington Bird Refuge. Here's me pretending to be reflective in my cool hat.
My first two classes, and my first introduction to the idea that colleges schedule English Composition courses wherever they can fit them. The top class was held in the basement of, get this, the Communication Disorders Building. The bottom class was held in a tiny room in the Rec Center.
Thanks to some genuine selfless action on the part of the Milne family, some friends of mine gather to wish me well before I ride off into the sunset and begin Grad School. Of course, two years later, I'm back again.
A parting shot with some of the folks from NRCS, (L to R) Mike, Judy, and Bill.
Summer of 2002, Katie and I pay a visit to the Terry's "under construction" cabin.
Somewhere on the coast of Northern California. I can't remember if this is before or after we drove out of the trailer park with our alarm sounding.
Four generations of 32nd Ward Elder's Quorum Presidents. Jeppesen, Utley, Terry, and Farr.
My second gig as Best Man, for Breto and Fiona on their big day back in March of '02.
Simply put, one of the most disturbing combinations ever assembled as one Elder's Quorum Presidency.

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