In order to gain more support worldwide, and at the advice of my wife Delores, I have, at great sacrifice to my well-being, both spiritually and physically, decided that I must include a brief profile of my character in the hopes that it will humanize my efforts and better clarify the mission I do so sincerely believe in.

I was born in 1947 in Reno, Nevada, the only son of Brenda and Jimmy Dubek. My father was one of the chief engineers in the area, and had a direct hand in the building of many fine casinos. When I turned twenty, I left for San Francisco in search of artistic development and meaning. There I joined a group of like-minded individuals, and we formed a small psychedelic band called the Erotic Cakes. As I had no formal musical training, I became lead singer and lyricist for the band. Through the years we enjoyed marginal success, and gradually evolved our style from psychedelic to post-psychedelic to hard rock to punk to proto-punk, and then to folk.

It was during our folk period, which occurred in the late 1970's, that we lost our drummer, Diego "Phil" DeFrancesco, to unfounded charges of gross negligence, connected to his side dental practice. In our search for a replacement, we came upon a recently ousted Central American dictator named Venison Skidmore.

We were initially attracted to his fascinating political theory, and his endless storytelling and idealistic speculation made him a popular member of the group early on. His drumming was moderately skillful, albeit a bit heavy for a folk act.

It wasn't long before Venison decided that we should formally change our style. His incessant drum soloing in the midst of "Lemon Tree" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain" had become quite tiresome, and his demanding personality soon browbeat us into considering following his lead. I myself felt that the obvious solution was to fire the bum, but when he suggested that we adapt our socially-conscious message to a contemporary disco format, the others were so excited that my pleas were soon nullified.

So we set about the task of changing the world one discotheque at a time. It was after our first single, "Liberation Boogie," failed miserably that Venison singled me out as a weakness within the group. He not only assaulted my writing abilities, but also insisted that my voice was not suitably sexually-rooted. He annexed lead vocal duties and relegated me to second tambourine. A subsequent argument over my income distribution system with our bass player resulted in my formal termination and replacement with a computerized tambourine loop.

The following twenty years led me to gradually realize that I had allowed Venison to persuade me into selling out. He had taken my message of purity and corrupted it with corporate marketing and hedonistic technology. I vowed I would never sell out again.

Again, at the behest of my wife, and at great pain of soul and conscience, I have been persuaded to include a sampling of my own pure creative work, as an example of what true art should resemble. I cringe at the notion of prostituting my work in such an abominable manner, but as my wife insists, I must provide evidence not only of my victimization, but of my higher alternative.

Thank you,

Mike Dubek


(People for the Elimination Of Planetvenison and the Liberation of the pure arts from Evil)


The first time that I met you

I was sure you were the one,

I took you out a couple times

And man did we have fun,

I couldn't wait to see your eyes,

And to watch your gentle grace,

And at times I was so worried

That you'd read it on my face,

You aced my test,

You beat all the rest,

And I feel blessed

Every time we talked my heart would jump,

And grandeur filled my eyes,

I tried to be quite careful

I tried to play it wise,

But before too long I realized,

I'd have to give my all,

Couldn't hold back anything,

Or else I'd take a fall,

Cause you aced my test,

You beat all the rest,

And I feel blessed

I finally have the guts to say

All that is on my mind,

I know that you're the one that I

Have tried so hard to find

And I must say the point

Of no return has come and passed,

But you sent me an e-mail and

You dumped me on my (BUTTOCKS).

Just part of my test,

You're just like all the rest

But I'm still blessed

-Mike Dubek


Nazi Bobby is my friend

We'll be buddies till the end

We don't see quite eye to eye

But our love will never die

Saw him just the other day

Asked if he would like to play

Told me that he couldn't ride

Busy spreading genocide

I don't dig his politics

They've got him in quite a fix

But if he sees trouble comin'

To his side I will be runnin'

Cause Nazi Bobby is my friend

We'll be buddies till the end

So few friends he has to list

He's a white supremacist

Missed him yesterday at school

Kids there treat him like a fool

Called his mom for his condition

Said he'd left on some big mission

Found him and to my surprise

He'd befriended Jewish guys

Swastika was torn apart

Guess he'd had a change of heart

Yeah Nazi Bobby's still my friend

We'll be buddies till the end

He has earned my love and trust

Now he is a communist

-Mike Dubek