I hereby declare, first of all, that the residents of Planet Venison couldn't outwrite one of those monkeys that throws his feces at you when you visit him at the zoo. If the monkey had his hands tied, rather. I also declare that Venison Skidmore, the founder of their artistic apostasy (be it visual, verbal, aural, written, technological, or just plain crap), is a miscreant, a backstabber a clear and present danger to anyone with a whisp of appreciation for the arts and humanities, and most of all, a lucky do-nothing who has never accomplished anything worthwhile his entire life without it landing smack in his ungrateful and clueless lap.

For the preceding reasons and many more that I lack the space or patience to unfold, I openly declare war against the residents of Planet Fraud and their leader, Venison "I'm out to destroy everything that's good about art" Skidmore. His bravado and blind determination to corrupt art and eliminate the quality of content by participation in the integration of the fine arts into the realm of corporate nihilistic technology warrants a justified accusation of heresy, and the deserving execution of sentence by one representing the pure spirit of the arts and humanities: namely, me. Mike Dubek.

The simple fact that you are reading this today is evidence that the operation is well under way. Our (speaking of myself and my supporters, the members of PEOPLE, the People for the Elimination Of Planetvenison and the Liberation of the pure arts from Evil) initial theatre of action is in the midst of the very monstrosity Skidmore and his minions are using to commit their heresy: the Internet. We, the PEOPLE, will cut Planet Venison off from the world by destroying their voice, then we will raze them to the ground.

We, the PEOPLE, cannot support an institution that seeks to create a world where people already starved for interaction can completely withdraw themselves into their homes and maintain all of their life-sustaining amenities through the click of a mouse and the labor of another. This institution would like nothing better than to see a planet completely wired, networked, and peopled by 3 billion human brains floating in glass jars, all with DSL connections for spinal cords.

Down with Planet Venison!

Down with Venison Skidmore!

Down with the Internet!

sincerely, the PEOPLE