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Planet Venison is the name of a fictional colony of artists that live in Southeastern Idaho. The name Planet Venison comes from it's founder, this guy named Venison Skidmore. "Venison" is actually a misspelling of "Vincent", therefore, contrary to popular belief, Planet Venison has absolutely nothing to do with deer meat. At all.

Josh Terry originally put Planet Venison together as an online portfolio for his creative written and visual work. He decided to format it as a tribute to a fictional artist (Venison Skidmore) since he thought a regular portfolio dedicated to his work would be unoriginal and egotistical. Instead he wound up developing a concept that would be far more egotistical--the design of a fictional community completely focused on the creation of his own creative work. With the help of the faculty at Utah State University, he even managed to get a Master's Degree for it. Only in America. Or academia, rather…

The site breakdown is as follows:

The Mothership: PV headquarters and location of info about the colony itself (manifesto, history, etc.)

House of Venison: Material specifically about the founder, Venison Skidmore.

Theatre of the Absurd: Scripts, film clips, and other oddball freakshow stuff. Also the location of the most popular feature of Planet Venison: the "Find Al Gore" game.

Soulbones Café: Essays, short stories, and even a few mediocre poems, all collected under a beatnik bar heading.

Kung-Fu Gallery of Fine Art: Simply enough, the gallery of visual art.

The Full Moon: In some ways, a fictional version of the larger Smooth Jerky page, this is more of a parody of the real life "The Onion" newspaper. (Which is itself a parody, making The Full Moon a parody of a parody. Does that in turn make the Full Moon a real newspaper?)


Smooth Jerky

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