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Smooth Jerky is the haven for a lot of random collected bits. The only real difference between the Smooth Jerky material and the regular Planet Venison material is that the SJ stuff is non-fiction.

Some "Highlights":

Baboon Shavin' Tunes: Between August 2002 and May 2004, Josh wrote regular humor columns for The Statesman, the USU student newspaper. Smooth Jerky features an archive of these columns, as well as the semi-regular new columns Josh has written since graduation. The archive also includes a dozen or so "Men On the Moon" columns from his co-writing stint with Spence Wixom on the staff of The Century, a small news-zine published by the LDS Institute of Religion at the University of Utah campus in 2000-1.

The Wounded Mosquito: This is Josh's foray into the world of the blog, which he has basically discovered is no more than a way of tossing off quick and dirty ideas that don't have enough meat to be developed into full columns. It is a journal of sorts, but Josh isn't quite dumb enough to post all of his inner-workings and opinions online.

Fungus: These are columns/projects that fall somewhere outside of the usual BST or Wounded Mosquito boundaries: these columns are more like running lists that can be added to for months on end. It's also a way of putting off revision and getting away with it.


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